Not just credible, but JUSTINcredible!  We are here to serve, foster trust, and provide vital understanding of the Life Sciences localization industry.

With a spirit of teamwork and the buy-in needed to serve every project and every client, it is our sincere desire to make the process of translation a smooth experience.

A small niche contracting company, JUSTINcredible provides linguistic services for the following domains:

Clinical Trials and Pharmaceuticals (e.g. ICF, IB, PIL, AE/SAE/SUSAR, communication with regulatory bodies, SmPC, etc.); Linguistic Validation; Financial Services (pensions, annual reports, etc); Transcreation of medical marketing content, sales presentations, and company newsletters; and Legal Documentation (e.g. commercial real estate, delivery contracts, import and export agreements, trial depositions, etc.)

Our main focus is on “into English” content, also providing copyediting services for non-native speakers of English as well as 3rd party review of translated material for fluency and readability.

Please have a look around the website by clicking the links in the navigation bar.  JUSTINcredible is looking forward to hearing from you and check out our blog for interesting articles on language topics and the translation industry..