JUSTINcredible Translations, LLC is a language service and consultancy provider founded by Justin Bearden.  We provide cost-effective and superb service to clients in need of translation and localization expertise at a respectable price.

Our founder values efficiency, attention to detail, and cost consciousness. Therefore, the company has an online presence and has forgone the traditional brick and mortar business front open to the public in order to pass savings onto customers!

JUSTINcredible Mission Statement

We Firmly Believe

We create outcomes together by connecting the world of people.

We are a company of people who work for people.  Our commitment is to provide stellar, premium service to clients seeking translation and localization services through impeccable communication, integrity, and professionalism.

We firmly believe that we create outcomes together. We work by this motto and we use our talents and expertise to connect the world so that the game of life will be more enjoyably interesting.

With experience in the Life Sciences, IT, Legal, and Language industries, Justin Bearden is an expert in translation, holding an MA in Translation from Kent State University’s Institute of Applied Linguistics, and has worked on staff and as a freelancer for the industry’s largest and most well-known language service providers.

Our commitment is to listen, suggest, and invite each client to have an exciting and fulfilling experience collaborating with JUSTINcredible.

To inquire about services or submit a project for quote/translation please send an email to justincredibletranslation@gmail.com, we will be happy to help you and will reply within 24 hours.

To learn more about Justin Bearden and his experience, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Contact Information
Phone: +1.832.799.8437
Skype: justin.bearden
Email: justincredibletranslation@gmail.com